How to Manage Your Time More Effectively

Time flies, the more important it is that you are able to manage it effectively. Not being able to manage your time means more stress and more pressure to finish your tasks. Time is hard to control and for companies time is money. Not being able to manage your time effectively often leads to stress and pressure. That’s true in both your work and personal life. So let’s talk about how to manage your time more effectively!

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11 Tips on how to manage your time more effectively

1. Figure out how long tasks take you

The first tip to manage more time effectively is figuring out how much time you spend on difficult tasks. Maybe you think you are only dealing with mails for 30 minutes, but in the end it’s an hour or more. So make sure to track your activities. 

2. Plan your week before it starts

Once you know how long each task takes, you plan ahead. Make sure to also include your private life and appointments to not get under any pressure.

3. Use an online calendar and have a To-Do List

Using an online calendar like Google Calendar can help you to visually plan out your day or week, so you can see how much time you have left in between or of our day. Make a to-do list for each day and arrange them in order of importance. Arrange your to-do list in your calendar based on the time you need for each task. 

4. Start your day with unpleasant tasks

When you are prioritizing your to-do-list, make sure to plan to do the most unpleasant tasks at the beginning of your day. You will feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders after you completed them, and there is no need to be anxious all day about certain tasks.

5. Develop a routine

Routines can help you not just to structure your day, but also help you with pushing through your day. Use the power of habits. 

6. Block time for concentrated work

When you are planning your day, identify your best time of day, and do the important tasks that need the most energy and concentration at that time. For example, you might be a morning person or an evening person.

7. Set time limits for your tasks

Time limits can help you when you need to finish tasks. People often say they work better under pressure, in this case you put a little pressure on yourself and in the end you might work more effectively.

8. Split your tasks into smaller to-do’s

Split your tasks into smaller tasks and block time for each step. Splitting a big task into smaller ones can help you plan a project better and more effectively. People tend to plan for a certain time, before having figured out what steps they need to complete, and then they realize they can’t finish in time. That’s not effective.

9. Leave a buffer-time between tasks and meetings.

Everybody needs to take some breaks between tasks. You will be better at managing your time if you already plan your breaks and when to take them. 

10. Delegate and outsource. 

You don’t always have to do everything yourself. Managing your time effectively also means knowing when to delegate a task. Ask someone if they can help. For example, you could ask a colleague or your team lead to help with some of your daily tasks so that you have more time to spend completing your tasks.

11. Avoid perfection

Perfection can cause you not only to feel stressed, but also to not manage your time effectively. You can’t always deliver a perfect result, and that’s ok. You need to know when a task is finished and accept it the way it is, instead of keeping working on it and always trying to make it a little more perfect.

Time management is hard and something you learn the more you focus on it. However, it is somebody that everybody can learn. We hope the 11 tips above help you and are a good starting point for you to manage your time more effectively. 

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