Age Is Just A Number: Why You Can Still Start Your Career in Your Late 20s 

The most hated question of students in their mid or late 20s? It’s probably a head-to-head race between: why are you still studying and why are you not working yet? Society and family members tend to pressure young people to start working as soon as possible. However, the fast track to corporate life is not for everybody. So let’s talk about why you can still start your career in your late 20s.

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Why You Can Still Start Your Career in Your Late 20s 

Age is just a number, is a phrase I hear way too often when it’s about dating and not often enough when it’s about starting your career. Society tends to favor people who succeed early in life. The Forbes 30 under 30 list is just one way through which young successful people are being celebrated. However, there is nothing wrong with starting your career a little later, sometimes you just need a little more time to figure out what you want or how to get there

4 Benefits To Starting Your Career in Your Late 20s 

1. You have life experience

This might sound obvious but life experience can be incredibly important if you want to have a successful career. Having lived more of your life means that you have had the time to experience different situations and meet more people than others. As a young professional this might make it easier for you to connect to your new co-workers, empathize with them, or recognize a situation for what it is. You might be new in the corporate world, but you have enough life experience to read between the lines. 

2. You know your passions and how to benefit from them

Being a young professional in your late 20s means that you had time to figure yourself and your passions out. It gives you the opportunity to make your passion part of your work or even your work. You know what you like and don’t like and as such you know what to look for in a job offer. 

3. You know your values and what you expect from an employer

Knowing who you are, comes with knowing your values. So instead of applying to all possible job offers, you might know what values to look for in a company. You know your own (sustainability, work-life balance, remote work) and as such it’s way harder for you to fall into the trap of free fruit baskets and nap rooms. 

4. You had time to explore

This might sound basic but it’S really important. One big benefit of starting your career in your late 20s is that you had time to explore. You might have taken that world trip, seen different cultures, or might have worked different small jobs at uni, and explored different hobbies and opportunities. Now, you can focus on what you realized is your passion, your big idea, or simply the future you imagine. You know what you want.

In a world where people celebrate success at a young age so much it’s hard not to compare oneself to others, who seem to have already figured it out in their early 20s. However, every person walks a different path, you never have the same story as somebody else. Give yourself the time to grow, to explore, and to experience things. There are benefits to starting early and benefits to starting a bit later. You walk your own path. 

We hope this article helped you realize that age is just a number and that you can still start your career in your late 20s. Do you want to read a “real” story about somebody who started late? Make sure to check out: How to Start a Successful Brand: 3 Lessons from Paula Begoun.

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