About Hannah

Hi! My name is Hannah Leonie and I work in strategic communications consulting. Prior to starting full-time employment, I completed a master’s in International Business and Strategic Management and a bachelor’s in English and in Media and Communication Sciences. Over the years, I have worked part-time in different multinational companies during studies. While studying and working, I found there to be a lack of career advice for students, recent graduates as well as young professionals during the crucial transitioning periods.

From experience, I know the struggle of trying to set the right course for a successful career in a world that is overcrowded with options and information. Additionally, the business environment is (unfortunately still) dominated by men.

Online, I found no single source for guidance, inspiration and all the questions that come up in the time between starting university and applying for the first full-time job. So, I decided to create a useful resource for all womxn in a similar situation. On sheCareer, I now share personal insights, key learnings as well as tips and tricks on how to navigate this complex route.

If you want to get in touch, write me an email: shecareerblog@gmail.com