15 Office Essentials You Didn’t Know You Could Need – Part 2

Office supplies are something that students and working people alike need. Many of these gadgets can make your life so much easier and others are just a fun addition to any working space! So here is Part 2 of the list of 15 office essentials you didn’t even know you could need!

1. Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Have you ever dreamed about working out while studying or working from home? Your dream can come true with an under the desk elliptical machine! This might not be an office essential, but it’s definitely a smart solution to getting your daily exercise in. 

2. Wrist Rest Set

Wrists can be very strained from working with mouse and keyboard all day long. Get a wrist rest set to prevent pain and to give your arms and wrists a little break. 

3. Foot Rest

Especially if you’re sitting down in an office chair, this can get very uncomfortable with time. A foot rest can give you some relief! 

4. PC Camera Cover

Most people use a laptop with an in-built camera for studying and for work. For privacy and data protection reasons, you should keep your camera lense covered if you don’t need it. Get a small camera cover, so you no longer have to use a post-it for the same purpose.  

5. Book Stand

If you’re working with books or other paperwork, a book stand can be very useful. It keeps everything organized and you have your hands free for note taking etc. 

6. Foot Hammock

Just like a foot rest, but possibly better. Do you want a little holiday feeling in your office? Then just get a hammock for your feet. It’s fun and may be even more comfortable four you than a plastic foot rest. 

7. Basketball Trash Can

An office classic. A basketball trash can just adds that extra level to your office space and of course it’s fun!

8. Keyboard Cleaner

Keyboards are probably among the dirtiest things in an office and many people don’t know that you should clean them regularly! Read this article to learn how to clean your keyboard effectively. Get a keyboard cleaner and get started today. 

9. Magnetic Paperclip Holder

Paper clips are everywhere when you don’t need them and nowhere to be found when you do need them! Break this vicious cycle today and get a magnetic paperclip holder! 😀 Protip, there are really cool designs, so you can be creative in what you select. 

10. Cable Duct

Get rid of the cable tangle on your desk with a cable duct! It’s a really affordable addition to your working station, but will have a big impact by keeping everything tidy and organized. 

11. Ringlight

Especially with all the video calls happening today, a ringlight comes in handy. Not every office space has good lighting and that can be very unflattering. Just get a ringlight and you’ll be able to easily adjust the lighting to your needs! 

12. Desk Fan

Summer in the office and no air conditioning? A desk fan is the perfect solution! It’s small and portable, so you can set it up anywhere you need it. 

13. Stress Ball

For obvious reasons a stress ball could always come in handy. 😀 

14. Under the Table Treadmill

If you get a desk that is adjustable in height, an under the table treadmill will be the ideal addition to your office space. Get in some cardio while on a call and reach that 10.000 daily steps in no time! 

15. Office Putting Green 

This is for the more extravagant among us. Get a putting green for your office space and have a little golf session with your colleagues or roommates during breaks. With this fancy office gadget, you can be sure to stand out!

There you have it, Part 2 of the list of 15 office essentials you never knew you could need. Were you surprised by some of the things on this list? I never considered a putting green or a basketball trash can even though they are so popular in many movies. All these of these fun gadgets also make great gifts!

You can find all the items displayed above on Amazon. None of the above links are affiliate links. They are simply for your reference. Some of them are also rather expensive to afford – especially on a student budget, so you can always look for alternatives!

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