15 Office Essentials You Didn’t Know You Could Need – Part 1

What is one thing that employees and students working in an office or from home have in common? They all need office equipment! No matter in which situation you are, there are certain office essentials that will make work so much easier for you. So here’s a fun list of 15 office essentials you didn’t know you could need! 

1. Desk with Height Adjustment

When you’re working, you’ll be sitting around most of the time. That can be really straining on the body and many people get back pain with time. Get a desk with height adjustment, so you can switch between working sitting down and working standing up!

2. Good Office Chair

Having a good office chair is the second thing that can prevent you from getting back pain in the long run. Go to a shop, test the available chairs or ask for advice from staff. If you order online, check the reviews and try to find the right chair that fits your needs! If the height and back are adjustable, that’s always a plus!

3. Office Plant 

Get an office plant to keep you company! It brightens up your desk and is generally just a nice and personal touch to any office space. Top Tip: Get one that doesn’t need too much attention and that won’t mind if you don’t water it everyday. 😀 

4. Desk Pad

A desk pad will keep the surface of your desk protected – especially important if you have a wooden desk. You can also store important notes or pictures under a clear desk pad. 

5. Desk Organizer

Organization is key! Get a desk organizer to keep on top of your work. This way you won’t have to waste time looking for things such as pencils etc. 

6. Calendar Desk Pad

A calendar desk pad is also great because it’s a good way to visualize timelines and keep track of meetings. These desk pads are mostly made of paper, so you can also use them for quick note taking!

7. Monitor

A second monitor is really common in the workplace, but it is also very handy for students. It just gives you more space to work with. If you’re already working, your employer should provide a second monitor.

8. Laptop Table

Get a laptop table that allows you to use your laptop effectively from everywhere. You can then work on the kitchen table, on the sofa, and even use it to watch movies in bed. Some laptop tables even are adjustable in height, so that’s an additional plus! 

9. Laptop Stand

A laptop stand allows you to store your laptop away after finishing work. It’s very space-saving and just generally convenient as it gives you more free desk space. 

10. Phone Stand

A phone stand is very practical if you need your phone for work or if you just want a place where you can put it to keep your working space organized. 

11. Cable Clips

Cables are probably the most annoying thing about any office situation. They are everywhere and they are always in the way! Get cable clips to tuck them away and organize them according to your daily needs. 

12. Back Pad for Office Chair

Especially if you don’t have the best office chair, adding a back pad to any stool can support your back and prevent you from getting back issues in the long-term.

13. Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Get a desk lamp that has a wireless phone charger attached. This way you’re phone is always in reach and always charged when you need it.

14. Headphone Stand with USB Hub

Especially with all the video conferencing going on a headphone stand comes in handy. If you get one that has a USB hub attached that’s even more practical! 

15. Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug

Made yourself some freshly brewed coffee? Forgot about it while working and now it’s cold? No more! Get a temperature controlled coffee mug, so you can have a hot beverage anytime you want! 

There you have it, 15 amazing office essentials – many of which you didn’t even know you could need! Do you have any more to add to the list? Maybe some of them will be in part 2 of this post, which will be released next week. If you think a temperature controlled coffee is fancy, then you’ll be surprised by what’s to come

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You can find all the items displayed above on Amazon. None of the above links are affiliate links. They are simply for your reference. Some of them are also rather expensive to afford – especially on a student budget, so you can always look for alternatives!

See you soon,

Hannah 🙂 

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