How to Benefit From the Pandemic As a Student

2020 was a rough year. The corona pandemic has hit hard globally and the situation challenges not only the physical but also the mental wellbeing. Many students have been struggling with the switch to distance learning, the lack of contact hours and the financial troubles that may be a result of the ongoing corona crisis. However, there are also ways in which students and young graduates can benefit from the corona pandemic.

benefit from the pandemic as a student

If you find yourself needing support during these difficult times, check in with your university. By now support systems for students have been established!

Let’s keep this introduction short. So, here are six great ways in which you and your career can benefit from this pandemic:

1. Distance learning

Distance learning can be difficult to cope with at first, but it also has its perks! It increases flexibility. Watching lectures on demand and scheduling your course work by yourself, means you can distribute your time as you please. And of course you can save lots of time by not having to travel to and from university!

2. Remote internship opportunities

Meanwhile, many companies have established remote internship opportunities (called Home Office in Germany). Want to intern at a New York law firm or at a company in Hong Kong without having to leave your bedroom? Well, it’s possible in 2021! Check online job portals for remote internship positions and maybe you’ll find one that is right for you.

3. Remote working positions

Similar to remote internships, many companies also offer remote full-time jobs or part-time positions. Even prior to Covid-19, many people preferred working from home. Now even more companies  have had to adjust to the new situation and offer possibilities for employees to continue working from home during the pandemic. The opportunity to take on a remote working student position applies especially to Germany, where it is possible to work for up to 20 hours a week while studying during the semester. Combining studying and working is now much easier without having to travel. You can just switch from one laptop to the other!

Make the most of the time you gain!

4. Start a side hustle

Having more free time, but less things to do means that you can dedicate more time to setting up a business aside from your studies. Things you could do include: looking for a part-time job, starting an online business, setting up your own website. Of course there are many more things to do, but what they all have in common is that they set the foundation for what could become your full-time career in the future. Thus, using your free time today, can save you a lot of working hours in the future.

5. Online seminars, talks and workshops

Many event locations and other institutions who normally offer career events have now adjusted their programs to the new situation. All of these things now take place online, which makes them much easier to access! Use your free time to look for events that might benefit your future career. You could use your spare time to sign up for seminars, talks or workshops and you can join them from the comfort of your home! A lot of them are now free of charge or offered at a reduced price because operators are trying to retain customers and drive positive awareness to their events.

6. University events

Similarly to the above point, many universities have now switched their extra curricular program to accommodate an online audience. Correspondingly, many societies, clubs and student initiatives now hold their meetings online. Use this opportunity and check what kind of events are available at your university! It’s a great opportunity to try out new things! You’ve always wanted to go to the weekly meetings of the debating club, but could never make it? Well, now’s the time! This is always an amazing way to meet new people, make new friends, grow your network and boost your resumé.

Even though the pandemic offers many possibilities to work on your career development, don’t forget that it is also very important to take time to try and unwind. If possible, go for a socially distanced walk or try other ways to stay active. For example, yoga and meditation are great indoor activities everyone can try!

Make the most of the time you have, but keep a balance between work, university and time off.  Check out our other posts, if you are interested.

Stay healthy and see you soon! 


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