Why It’s Ok To Quit And Move On From a Job

For me, one of the hardest things I had to learn was that it’s ok to quit or move on from a situation that doesn’t benefit you. It’s hard to not be afraid of taking a leap of faith and to leave behind the security of a stable job in an environment you know. And I am not talking about a toxic or bad work environment (that’s a totally different story) but rather one you feel comfortable in, and you might even be fine with staying.

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However, you’ll always have to ask yourself: is this right for me, or am I just comfortable? Do I learn and grow as a professional, or am I staying out of loyalty? A lot of young womxn who I have talked to struggle with this because sometimes nothing is scarier than leaving your first “real” job and to move on. 

4 Reasons Why It’s Ok To Quit And Move On From a Job, No Matter the Work Environment

1. You probably didn’t make the decision on a whim

You are in the driver’s seat of your life. It’s ok to disappoint your manager, parents, grandparents or siblings as long as you’re happy with your decision. Whatever people try to tell you to make you feel insecure, you have most likely not made the decision to leave on a whim. You know what you are doing, and people shouldn’t try to guilt-trip you for it. Your parents are not walking in your shoes, and their situation as a young professional can’t be compared to yours. Always remember your reasons for leaving and that you will only have to justify those in front of yourself and nobody else.

2. Sometimes it’s better to move on to grow and to learn

A workplace you know and are accustomed to can most likely never challenge you the way a new place would. If you have been working in the same company for a while you will at some point start to do the same task on the same topics all over again. While that is comfortable and some people are totally happy with it, it isn’t for everybody. A new workplace offers new topics, new people and new challenges. You might be able to use your expertise in a totally new field, which will broaden your horizon and make you an even more valuable employee in the end.

3. Your employer is aware that you might not stay forever

A good boss will be able to handle you leaving and wish you luck, even if it’s with a tear in their eye, because that’s just how good you are. Companies are aware that, especially, young people don’t necessarily stay forever but rather are eager to learn new things. Even if they are disappointed or sad that you are leaving, they are aware that it’s always an option. Loyalty to your team or manager shouldn’t hold you back because they will understand you. Everybody has most likely been in that situation before, after all.

4. You will be replaced faster than you’d think

While people will most likely be sad about you leaving, you’ll also have to be honest with yourself. It is incredibly likely that your position will be filled faster than you’d think. There are always other good people looking for jobs. Or maybe a former co-worker of yours will be promoted to your position. You never know. Your boss or manager might make it seem like you are irreplaceable because you are a good worker, and they want to keep you in the company, but in the end we are all replaceable. Here goes the same as before: No sense of loyalty should be holding you back from moving on. 

This article is for all the young womxn who are stuck in a situation where they aren’t really unhappy but also not happy anymore with their job. Too many people stay until they become truly unhappy with their job out of a sense of loyalty, fear of a new work environment or other reasons. But it’s ok to look for other options before you reach the point of no return. Check out the job market and know your options. It’s ok to quit your job and move on to another one before you become truly unhappy. It’s just important to make sure that your new job will make you happier than you are at your current job.

Have you been in a situation where you were thinking about quitting, but you were too afraid of a new situation? Feel free to reach out and let us know.

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