5 Ways to Recognize a Good Boss

Having a good relationship with your co-workers and higher-ups is as important as doing a job you love. Because you won’t truly love what you’re doing if the work environment is toxic. The kind of leader your boss is can make a big difference. In most cases, your boss determines if you have a good time at your company or not. So let’s talk about how you can recognize a good boss!

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1. They show appreciation for your work.

It seems rather simple, but it’s incredibly important for yourself and your long-term happiness. Your boss needs to be able to recognize when you are doing a good job, and they need to be able to express it. It can be as simple as telling you “good job this week”, but they have to acknowledge your effort. 

2. They don’t shy away from helping out.  

Even though the assignment is “below their pay grade” a good boss will be ready to step in and take on the assignment to lessen your workload or help the team out. If they have the time and skill to help but choose to watch you struggle instead, consider your options.

3. You are not afraid to speak up.

It’s simple, you should never be afraid to state your opinion on something, especially if it’s different from the rest of your company. You and your voice matter. Your boss should always give you the feeling it’s ok to have a different opinion. If you work in an atmosphere where you feel like you can’t speak up, consider changing your job.

4. They take you and your concerns seriously. 

No matter your position in the company, your boss should take you and your concerns seriously. You bring a new view to the table, and they should appreciate it. The same goes if you are talking about your health or private issues. If you deem those impact your work performance, then your boss should take that seriously.

5. If you are overwhelmed they try to find a solution with you. 

Nothing is worse than feeling overwhelmed. An incredible boss might even be able to recognize it before you. However, a good boss should be ready to sit down and try to find a solution with you the moment you mention it. Especially if it might be because you are inexperienced or still need to become better at managing your tasks. And the only thing you should be talking about is how to find a solution and not about whose fault it is. 

To find fulfillment in your work, a good atmosphere is incredibly important. Your boss or team lead can make a big difference. They make it or break it. In reality, though, you will often find people in higher positions that are not ready for it or simply have not yet learned the skills to handle a team. These five ways to recognize a good boss can help you to determine if you are in the right place or not.

Do you have any experiences with higher-ups that weren’t ready for their positions? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to check out our post about Five Great Ways to Bond With New Colleagues Remotely.

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