What to Expect From a Job Interview After Graduation

As a recent graduate or when you are about to graduate one topic becomes especially important: finding a job. While you can find a lot of tips or advice on the internet on how to rock a job interview, nobody ever told me how an interview for a “real” job is different from one for an internship. So let’s change that today and talk about what to expect from a job interview after graduation. 

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1. More than one interview round

First of all, it’s important to know that you will most likely have to go through several interview rounds, often with different people. Generally, I’d say the bigger the company the more rounds you can expect. The HR is going to want to talk to you first and after that is often your future manager and your team members or the head of your department. 

2. A case study to prove your skills

It’s really unlikely that any company will take your skills at face value. If you get through the first round of interviews, you will most likely be invited to present a short case study or you will have to solve a problem to show your skills. 

3. Salary negotiations

The moment you enter the workforce after graduation, you will be able to negotiate your salary. Preparation is everything in that case so make sure to figure out your market value before the first interview. It is not likely but also not impossible that you will be asked what kind of salary you expect for your future role. 

4. Chemistry meetings

If all your interviews went well and all the higher-ups are convinced of your capability, don’t be surprised if you get invited to a chemistry meeting. Depending on the company and your position, teamwork will be incredibly important. So companies sometimes do chemistry meetings with applicants and their future teams, to check out if they are a match. 

Now, you know what to expect of a job interview, you can start to prepare for it. Don’t forget good preparation is important if you want to make a good impression. In case you need more tips make sure to check out our other blog posts: How to Never Sell Yourself Short in a Job Interview, What You Need To Know: Negotiating Your Salary For the First Time, and How to Prepare For a Job Interview in 2021.

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