How to Never Sell Yourself Short in a Job Interview

No matter how often you have had a job interview, it’s always a stressful situation. After all, you are trying to portray yourself in the best way possible so you can make the person on the other side see how capable you are. In such situations and especially if it comes down to the hard questions of the interview like what are your salary expectations, people often become insecure and overthink even though they are prepared. So let’s talk about 2 ways how you might be selling yourself short and how you can stop.

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2 Ways to Sell Yourself Short in a Job Interview

1. Playing down accomplishments

A lot of people but especially womxn tend to do this. Instead of “bragging” about an accomplishment like getting into a world class university or getting promoted way ahead of time, we play it down or portray them as “normal”.

How to stop:  Look at your CV as objectively as possible and think again about what you have already accomplished in life and see it for what it is. Own your accomplishments and accept compliments. It’s a learning curve but it starts with correcting yourself while you are talking to your friends or family. Listen to yourself and the way you speak. If you change the way you talk about your accomplishments or learn to accept compliments from people you are comfortable with, it’s way more likely you will be able to do the same in a stressful situation.

2. Not clearly communicating your wishes

Whether it’s asking for benefits or the actual number you have in mind for your salary, not clearly communicating what you want can make you unhappy in the long run. Ask for what you are worth and not what you think the company will be ok with.

How to stop: Try to be accurate and confident in the way you communicate your expectations. Make sure you have done your research on which salary or benefits you can expect from a job similar to the one you have applied for. Your research shows you what your minimum expectations can be but since you are negotiating make sure to add some extras on top. Don’t be afraid of the answer to your expectations, if they can’t handle the benefits or salary you expect, it might just not be the right fit. 

Why You Should Never Sell Yourself Short in a Job Interview

Selling yourself short while you are on the job hunt is an easy trap to fall into, especially if you have been looking for a while. People tend to overthink and while they are doing this they become insecure about what they can actually ask from a company or what their professional worth is. However, in my experience it is incredibly likely that you are capable of far more than you think. You are priceless and you should only lower your expectations after careful consideration of the pros and cons. In the long run, selling yourself short will make you unhappy. You might get the job, but for what price? 

Have you ever been in a situation where you asked for less even though you know your worth? Let us know below. If you are currently preparing for a job interview make sure to check out our article How to Prepare for a Job Interview in 2021.

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