3 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You from Quitting Your Job

Times change and so do the people. While your parents might have worked in the same company in which they started off, you might be planning to do exactly the opposite. In the last few years, you hear more and more about people quitting jobs to boost their salary or to get the promotion they deserve. The big question often is: to quit or not to quit? The only one having an answer to that question is you, but let’s talk about 3 things that definitely shouldn’t stop you from quitting your job. 

young woman thinking with pen while  at her desk. 3 Things That Shouldn’t Keep You from Quitting Your Job
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1. Fear

If you are in a comfortable position in your current company, it’s only natural that you are afraid of the unknown. Nevertheless, don’t let fear stop you from growing professionally and personally. A step out of your current comfort zone can be a good thing. In a new environment you might be able to learn more or to blossom surrounded by new tasks and colleagues. 

2. Relationships

Who doesn’t have a work bestie who they basically spend all their time with at work? Or maybe you have an amazing coworker you absolutely love working with? These relationships shouldn’t hold you back once you consider finding a new opportunity. If your relationship with those people is strong enough, you will see them even after you quit. If not, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Never forget, you are on your own career journey and if you want a change those relationships shouldn’t stop you from moving on.

3. Misplaced Loyalty

Don’t understand me wrong, I think it’s good to be a loyal person. However, in the corporate world, it might be better to only be loyal to a certain degree. Don’t let anybody talk you into having a  guilty conscience because you are considering another job. You don’t owe them your life-long labor. The harsh truth is they will find a replacement for you, and the world is not going to go down if it takes them a little longer. Be loyal to yourself, your wishes and your dreams instead. 

Quitting your job often feels like jumping off a cliff, but you can’t let the fear of the unknown stop you. There will always be pros and cons. In the situation that you have a good job, but you might be offered a better opportunity, it’s especially hard to make a decision. Talk to your friends, talk to us or sleep a night over it, but don’t forget it’s ok to take the leap. Especially if it’s only fear and sentiment that are holding you back. 

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