22 Things That Should Be on Your Resume

Resume writing can be difficult. A resume is one of the first things a recruiter sees when screening your application. So, let’s talk about 22 things that are good to include on your resume. This post is part of the sheCareer job application series, so make sure to check out last week’s post here.

If you struggle with resume writing, don’t hesitate to message us for support!  

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22 Things that Should Be on Your Resume

  1. Your full name
  2. Contact information
  3. Work history with dates 
  4. Full (official) company names 
  5. Bullet point list of duties & responsibilities for each job
  6. Educational history with dates
  7. Degree type & major
  8. Highlighting of very good grades in subjects relevant to the new job
  9. Mentioning of thesis topic, if relevant to the new job
  10. Mark for thesis, if it’s very good 
  11. Scholarships
  12. List of technical skills
  13. List of language skills
  14. Achievements
  15. Awards
  16. List of certificates, if relevant to the job
  17. Voluntary work or other relevant engagements
  18. Individual resume sections clearly separated
  19. Good line spacing for readability
  20. Profile picture (depending on country-specific custom)
  21. Page numbers, if resume exceeds one page
  22. Easily readable font (for more information on fonts, visit The Muse)

There you have it, a useful list of things you should consider putting on your resume. Remember: resume requirements differ between countries. What might be custom in the US, could be different in another country. The list provided below closely resembles the requirements for the German labour market. However, every point is worth considering for your own resume!

A key thing to remember when writing your resume is the objective: a resume should convey as much relevant information as possible with the least amount of words necessary. This means that you should keep it brief, concise, and accurate.

Pro tip: Let someone else read your resume before sending it out! This could be a family member, a friend, a colleague, or Team sheCareer! Just message us or drop a comment below, if you need support.

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