11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Job Offer

If you are reading this while you already have a job offer on the table: congratulations! You made it through the hardest parts of the process. Now it’s all about making the right decision for yourself. If a job is right for you is never based on only one factor. It’s different ones coming together. Here are 11 questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer to help you with it!

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1. Is it a good culture fit?

The first and in my experience most important question is the company culture. You spend at least 8 hours of your day working for this company so it’s culture and you need to click. Compare what you were told in the interview, with what you can find online to be sure what you are getting into.

2. Will this role challenge me?

Your new job should help you develop and to get closer to your career goals. Job offers that challenge you and are at least a little bit out of your comfort zone are good for your development.

3. Will I advance my career working here?

The third question is all about your career goals and where you want to be. Make sure to reflect on those and ask yourself if the job offer will advance your career and help you or not.

4. Does the company offer the benefits and salary I’m looking for?

Even before the application process, you’ll have to figure out your market value and what you might be offered in your chosen field of work. Glassdoor or Kununu is a good tool to use for this. And with this background knowledge, you have to ask yourself this question.

5. Am I excited about the job/company? Or is it just a spur-of-the-moment excitement?

This is a really important part to reflect on. If you get a job offer I’d recommend sleeping a night over it, before you decide on it. You need to think things through before you make a decision. Because your momentary excitement about getting an offer might lead to you overlooking some red flags.

6. What will my new day-to-day look like?

You probably will work 5 days a week for 8 hours at this job, make sure that you enjoy most of the work you will be doing on a day-to-day basis. If you have a bad feeling about your day-to-day to-do’s it’s totally ok to not accept an offer. Go through your interview notes and see what you were told about it.

7. Do I support the company’s mission?

Depending on your convictions and how important certain aspects like sustainability, purpose, and so on are for you this might be a dealbreaker. If you planning on staying at a company long-term your and your company’s mission shouldn’t be polar opposites.

8. Is there room to grow?

You don’t want to hop into a position where you feel stuck. After all, that might be the reason you’re looking for a new job. Revisit your interview. Does the company provide professional development opportunities? Do they provide opportunities for you to advance your career?

9. Will you resent your salary in six months? 

Never accept a job offer where your salary is way below your expectation, even if it sounds like your dream job. The hard truth is that you need money to live and the opportunities more money offers you can make you happier. If your salary is way below your expectation you will likely end up frustrated and looking for a new job.

10. What’s your commute?

Some people might wonder how this question relates to anything, but if you are not working remotely this is important. An hour-long commute can suck the joy out of your job because it means even less time for yourself and your loved ones. Work-life-balance is important.

11. What are the potential problems?

Everybody hopes for life without drama or problems, but you need to be honest with yourself. Most likely there will be issues. Write down what you think they will be — from long hours to travel complications to communication issues, and decide for yourself if you can deal with those or not.

Never forget picking the right job for yourself is incredibly important. Especially, if you are planning on staying in a company for longer than just a few months. Always keep your career goals, mental health, and general happiness in mind, while you are making your decision. Hopefully, these 11 questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer help you with it!

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