Who Run the World: Female Founders of Ooia

Kristine Zeller and Dr. Kati Ernst are the founders of “ooia”. Their company sells sustainable period panties for women who don’t want to depend on tampons or pads anymore. The two founders increasingly felt the desire to have a positive social impact and build something that would make a positive difference in the world. With female empowerment and sustainability at the heart of their thoughts, they created ooia.

The two founders currently live in Berlin, with their husbands and children. Kati Ernst studied in Münster and worked as a management consultant for over a decade. Prior to founding ooia with Kati Ernst, Kristine Zeller worked in leading positions at Zalando. Their goal was to build a sustainable company with a positive impact.

3 Things You Can Learn From the Two Business Women

1. Know your worth

When you are thinking of starting your own company or any other personal venture, make sure to know the worth of your idea. If it’s a sound project, others will see its worth too. So don’t try to change everything just because you encounter some headwind. It’s your idea and vision.

2. Think bigger and be prepared for the stereotypes

The world of founders and investors is still dominated by men. Quite often men will be offered chances and development possibilities while women have to convince men that their ideas are worth the risk. Be prepared for the hard questions and gender stereotypes. Don’t be afraid of thinking bigger and considering ideas that are riskier.

3. You can be a mother and a successful business woman

Both of the founders of the period panty company “ooia” are not just business women, but also mothers. Don’t be discouraged because you have children or want to have children in the future. Flexible working styles are possible and sustainable. Today womxn and men have the opportunity to take a step back if they wish to. It has been proven over and over again that you can be mother and a successful career woman! Unfortunately, the stigma that career life and motherhood are incompatible is still present within society. So, we have to step it up and continue to talk about the topic. Because this topic is so complex, I’ll reserve it for another blogpost.

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